Get Moves, Feel the Groove!

Moves 3

Wearable technology is all the rage these days, from the UP band, to the Fitbit, to the Nike+ FuelBand. Furthermore, there’s the Pebble watch, Apple is rumored to release the “iWatch,” Samsung IS releasing a smartwatch (so they say), and Google is rumored to be working on a watch as well. But all these gadgets will no doubt set you back a good few bucks. Enter “Moves.”

Moves is a free iPhone app that allows you to track your walks, your runs, your bike rides and any mode of transportation you may take. The algorithms aren’t perfect – sometimes it will mistake your car or bus ride for cycling – but the app very easily allows you to make corrections to any errors. You can then view a summary of your daily activity in a timeline.

Moves 3With Foursquare integration, you can also make note of all the locations you stopped at throughout the day, and if you’ve been to that location before, the app automatically recognizes and labels your the location in your timeline.

Considering your phone is appended to your body for most of the day, if not the entire day, this app easily transforms it into an activity tracking device at zero cost.

Check out Moves on the App Store!


Lift for iOS


Have you been trying (and failing) to get into that new routine you’d like to start so badly? Did you manage to get it done a couple times, but it became oh so burdensome that you couldn’t be bothered to keep it up? Lift may help you to solve your problems.

Lift is a social habit-tracking app (at the time of writing only available on iOS and via the web; ┬ácoming soon to Android) that allows you to subscribe to various habits you’re interested in, then track your progress over time. Users “check-in” to those habits they have accomplished daily and are able to give “props” to other participants and comment on their achievements. Another useful feature is the the ability to set reminders for each habit so you never forget what you need to get done.

The Lift team has been great so far at responding to user feedback by adding new and highly requested features. They also interact continuously with power-users to provide additional guides and feature videos that benefit the entire community.

Check out Lift on the App Store or visit the web site.