Lift for iOS


Have you been trying (and failing) to get into that new routine you’d like to start so badly? Did you manage to get it done a couple times, but it became oh so burdensome that you couldn’t be bothered to keep it up? Lift may help you to solve your problems.

Lift is a social habit-tracking app (at the time of writing only available on iOS and via the web;  coming soon to Android) that allows you to subscribe to various habits you’re interested in, then track your progress over time. Users “check-in” to those habits they have accomplished daily and are able to give “props” to other participants and comment on their achievements. Another useful feature is the the ability to set reminders for each habit so you never forget what you need to get done.

The Lift team has been great so far at responding to user feedback by adding new and highly requested features. They also interact continuously with power-users to provide additional guides and feature videos that benefit the entire community.

Check out Lift on the App Store or visit the web site.


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